Much of our current developemt is based on Solid. The project is currently working on the following software tool developments.

Solid Movie

Solid Media is a demonstration of the use of Solid in a small media recommendation sharing app. Everyone can share their favorite movies with their friends, who also store their movie watching histories using Solid.

The app prototype can be downloaded and accessed via the github page, and it will be made publicly accessible shortly.


Secure Multi-Party Computation Menchmarking

Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) is a class of cryptographic protocols which relies on secure evaluation of data shared across multiple parties for private processing over sensitive data. Most MPC protocols could be defined by the choice of the circuit for computing a particular function and the type of secret sharing scheme. However, little is known regarding how well MPC performs in a decentralised architecture.

Our benchmark experiment development is based on MP-SPDZ framework.

Solid-based calendar

Finally, we are currently looking into how to set up our own solid-based shared calendar systems.