Ethical Web and Data Infrastructure in the Age of AI (EWADA) is an ambitious 3-year programme funded by the Oxford Martin School (OMS). Its mission is to reform the concentration of power on the World Wide Web by developing and deploying new forms of technical and legal infrastructure.



EWADA’s programme of work is organised around four themes:

  • Data Autonomy

How can we support individuals to control, manage, maintain and use personal data by 1) empowering people with their data; and 2) enabling people to understand and control how, when, and for what purposes data are shared?

  • Data Privacy

How can we provide privacy-preserving machine learning (PPML) methods that can perform AI training in a decentralised way, enabling data to be processed locally, rather than in large, centralised data centres?

  • Accountability

How can we develop methods to assess whether AI or algorithmic decision making is fair, equitable and complies with regulatory requirements, and seek ways to promote a right to explanation of the internal decision-making process of algorithms?

  • Data Sharing How can we explore new institutional and legal constructs within which to hold data or algorithmic outputs?

Latest news

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