We are very excited to welcome Prof. Ruben Verborgh from University of Ghent to join the EWADA team as an Oxford Martin School Visiting Scholar.

Professor Verborgh has a distinguished track record in Web technology research and its applied impact, and his visits to EWADA will be extraordinarily valuable to the ambitions of the EWADA project.

Ruben is a professor of Decentralized Web technology at Ghent University and a research affiliate at the Decentralized Information Group of CSAIL at MIT. He is a renowned expert in web decentralisation technologies and an influential advocate for the reformation of current web architectures. He has been one of the pioneers in the development of the vision of web decentralisation since early 2015. He has been pivotal to the development of the Social Linked Data (Solid) ecosystem, led by Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Solid is a unique standards-based approach that pioneers the theoretical and practical realisation of web decentralisation to empower people to take back control of their data and regain control and autonomy of their data assets.

Ruben’s involvement in the EWADA programme will undoubtedly amplify the impact of our programme’s work with his deep knowledge of web decentralisation technologies and the coherent vision for future of web decentralisation that he possesses.